Do you know that Rhythm Erotica focuses on stimulating the nerves located in one's sex organs to create new pathways of sensation to the brain. In a Erotica session, many things can happen!
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  • Rhythm Erotica Massage Singapore specializes in a unique concept of adult massage therapy in Singapore. This stress relief massage for adults is concoction of therapeutic Swedish massage and provocative body to body massage techniques, culminating in a lingam massage- typically termed ‘happy ending massage in Singapore.’  We pride ourselves for offering a truly impeccable and unrivalled erotic massage service in Singapore. We raise The Ordinary to The Extraordinary.

  • Recipients of the Erotica Singapore body to body massage must be over the age of 18 years.

  • To avoid any misunderstandings, please bear in mind that Rhythm Erotica Massage Singapore does not offer extra escort services – just pure sensual Tantric massage in Singapore.

  • All quoted massage prices include the transport fee for bookings made in Singapore. Bookings outside of central Singapore may incur a small surcharge. Please seek advice from our friendly operators. Bookings will incur a surcharge of $50 before 10am and after 11pm

  • The Rhythm Erotica Singapore Massage is extremely intimate and sensuous, thus, we ask all clients to shower directly before your Masseuse arrives. We also advise you to set the bedroom to a moderate temperature and cover your bed linen with fresh towels.

  • In the unlikely event that you have to cancel your massage booking, a $100 cancellation fee will apply.

  • Your sexy Singapore Masseuse will arrive promptly, elegantly and immaculately dressed to impress. She will go discreetly and directly to your hotel room, whereupon she will greet you warmly.

  • As the most trusted and reliable sensual Singapore massage service, we respect your need for total confidentiality, thus, once your booking is complete, we shall erase your personal details.

  • As the Purveyors of Your Pleasure we respect You and your opinions. Please, in turn, kindly respect our Singapore Masseuses. We reserve the right to blacklist any client whose behaviour is intimidating and inappropriate.

  • To avoid further misunderstanding, Rhythm Erotica is NOT a dating agency so please do not push our Masseuses for their contact details. Such clients will be blacklisted from our service.

  • Rhythm Erotica operates from 10am to 11pm daily, however, if you have a specific request for an early morning booking or late evening booking please speak to us.

  • Lastly, we value your booking and always look after you as wonderful regular clients.
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